When you work at Whiz Kid Learning Center you contribute to the nurturing care and guidance that children will remember for a lifetime. By being such an important part of children’s lives, your career with us will be something for you to cherish.

Our philosophy will allow the staff to make a lasting impact on the children they guide through the learning process with an enriching, developmental learning environment. We recognize that teachers and children together bring uniqueness and creativity to the classroom. We not only encourage growth in the children that we care for, but in our staff, too. That’s because we believe the care and education of young children is a career worth committing to. We offer many unique opportunities for professional development including in-house workshops, teacher training days, and more.

Fostering a warm and caring environment for children, while making strides in your career makes Whiz Kid Learning Center more than just a fun place to work, it’s a great place to grow. Come grow your career and become part of our family.

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