Preparing Academic Achievers

Toddler-Two's – Active Learning
Our Two’s Program focuses highly on verbal communication and motor skill activities through the use of the A Beka Curriculum. Students will be introduced to skills through books, puppets, pictures, finger plays and poems. Students will be allowed opportunities to display creativity through exploratory learning activities.

Threes/Fours-A Beka
The A Beka curriculum focuses on several learning areas to develop the preschoolers love of learning. Language development and listening skill activities abound, including recognition of letters and their sounds, pictures for short vowels and consonants. Simple counting to thirty and number concepts to 15. As a child moves into the four-year old program more concepts are developed such as blending sounds and reading sentences. Also, number skills are enhanced to 100, and even simple math skills. Poetry becomes part of the program where the children learn poems and fingerplays. Community helpers, learning about countries and health and safety are also integral parts of the curriculum.

Advanced PK-A Beka
The A Beka curriculm for our Advanced PK class builds on the foundation learned in the three and four year old classroom. Special sounds and blends (phonics) are learned to prepare the children for reading. Science is introduced including themes about plants, animals, Earth and space and health. More math skills are introduced as well: adding, telling time, using the calendar, days of the week, and money values. We introduce syllables, rhyming and sequencing skills as well. Finally, Social Studies themes are brought in such as learning about children in different countries and famous Americans. The children that graduate from our  Advanced PK program have built a solid foundation in which they will excel in Kindergarten.

Links to Literacy
A researched based, comprehensive curriculum designed to provide a strong foundation for early literacy development in preschool children. The curriculum was designed based on the idea that there are four important program pieces that link children to early literacy. They are: Goals and Objectives; Learning Environment and Materials; Teaching Strategies and Activities; and Parent Involvement. Links to Literacy prepares children for life by encouraging lifelong learning.

Whiz Kid Learning Center also integrates Spanish and sign language into our curriculum.