A Leading Quality Preschool

To be a leading quality preschool. Providing a developmentally appropriate and caring environment for all children at an affordable cost.

To provide quality child care, in a cost effective manner, with knowledgeable and educated teachers in a nurturing, loving, caring and developmentally appropriate environment. Creating a strong and stable organization, by utilizing a coherent curriculum, with child initiated play in an appropriate setting, where child, teacher, parent, and director jointly develop a trusting relationship to develop our most important resource “Our Children”.

Our Philosophy
We believe that education builds not only for the present but for the future; not merely for the self but for the society as well. The most important and informative years are the first six years, and our goal is with the total child-building block upon block of all area of the child’s developmental growth in a supportive and comfortable environment.

Our everyday curriculum is centered around creative activities, developing our goals. The use of multi-sensory activities, numerous art projects, developing fine and gross motor skills, encouraging social and language development, and most important, the respect and consideration for one another are all part of our everyday endeavors.