We Love STEM!

Whiz Kid Reading

Whiz Kid Learning Center introduces STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)! It’s never too early to develop a love for STEM. At Whiz Kid we believe that our preschool students are naturally born scientist and engineers. Our inquisitive little ones love to learn through hands on activities.

Supporting and guiding a student’s natural desire to explore STEM ideas and phenomena can have lasting benefits.

As noted in the National Research Council’s A Framework for K-12 Science Education Practices,”….before students enter school, they have developed their own ideas about physical, biological and social worlds and how they work. By listening to and taking these ideas seriously, educators can build on what children already know and what they can do. Current data on school readiness and early mathematics and science achievement-data on the “T and E” of early STEM learning is not available.   This indicates that we are not giving our young learners the support they need to be STEM smart.”


That is why we believe that it is very important that we provide opportunities for our students that involve Interdisciplinary Teaching. Students can benefit greatly from blending math, science, engineering and technology through the STEM approach.

Blending subjects allows students the opportunity to explore, connect and learn a concept in a variety of settings.   Often times these settings include familiar surroundings such as nature.

The world that we live in can and should be a classroom filled with learning opportunities.

Join us in our efforts to ensure that our students are not just school ready but they are STEM ready!