Summer Camps

Whiz Kid Summer Camps

Whiz Kid offers a variety of Summer Camp programs to accommodate the needs of our community. We understand and believe that our clients have different ideas regarding a summer camp program for their child. As a result, we have opted to offer two very unique programs. Our Summer Camp programs consist of a Summer Reading Camp and a Traditional Summer Camp.

Both of our wonderful programs include staff members that are professional educators, recreation coordinators, child care providers and counselors. All chosen staff members have backgrounds in education and/or working with children in an academic setting. The 18:1 student to teacher ratio provides the individual attention needed to meet the needs of each child.

Parents have the option of choosing which program will best suit their child’s needs. No matter which program that you decide to enroll your child in; rest a sure that your child will be provided with the best of care and have a great time this Summer!

Summer Camp begins June 10th. Spaces are limited. Enroll today!

Below you will find information regarding our programs.


Summer Reading Camp

The Summer Reading Camp focuses on early literacy, phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, fluency with text, analytical thinking, vocabulary and reading comprehension in a supportive Christian environment with an exciting academic program for children on various reading levels.  Children between the ages of 5– 8 (or the ages specified by specific program needs) will have the opportunity to be engaged academically in a scientifically proven reading program taught by professional educators with emphasis placed on helping children develop and nurture a life-long love for reading.

With the demands placed on educational institutions by the ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ and children year-after-year being left behind due to insufficient test scores on the STARS test and the increasing number of students to teacher ratio, there is a definite need in our community for one-on-one instruction and a structured program that is fun but result oriented.

The Summer Reading Camp is a ten-week program designed to assist students in the development of improved reading abilities and positive attitudes toward reading. This is accomplished through the integration of reading and writing activities using materials of interest to the child. Each student’s program is individually tailored to address their needs, interests, and abilities.  The focus of the reading camp is on the development of core fundamental skills, such as: phonological decoding, reading fluency, comprehension training and metacognitive-skills teaching will be incorporated – when appropriate. Metacognition is the ability to be aware of how one thinks while reading. 

In addition to those skills parents can expect the following:

  • Pre/post-test reading assessments
  • Word recognition (decoding)
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Phonological awareness/blending of sounds/word attack skills
  • Spelling
  • New vocabulary/meaning
  • Application of vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension to include event sequencing, character and setting
  • Literacy-language integration, narratives, stories, crafts, making books, reading of everyday life (labels, menus, recipes, etc.), and dramatic play.
  • Includes breakfast, lunch and a snack
  • Field Trips

Hours and Rates:

Full and Half Day Camps are Available:

Full Day Hours include anytime from 6:30a.m. – 6:00p.m.

Half Day Camps are from 8:00 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Weekly Fee:  $95 Full day, $55 Half day

Registration Fee:  $60

(Includes a t-shirt)

The Summer Reading Camp begins June 10th and ends on August 23rd


Traditional Summer Camp

Your child’s quest for adventure this summer begins here at Whiz Kid Learning Center.  We offer a fun filled and exciting program for children ages 5-11.  Your child will be provided with wonderful opportunities to engage in activities that will develop character, discover new interest, learn valuable life skills and make new friends.

Students will have the opportunity to learn through child-centered, multisensory activities that will stimulate the cognitive, social/emotional, motor/physical and communication areas of your child’s development.

Our program includes:

  • Learning Activities
  • Interactive Challenging Activities
  • Individual Project
  • Unique Creativity
  • Outdoor Sport
  • Field Trip
  • Cooking Projects
  • Organized Games
  • Science Adventure and much more !

All camp activities will be centered around exciting field trips that will make this summer a unique and fun-learning experience.

Our 2015 Summer Camp runs Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. Summer camp begins  June and ends August 2015.

Space for our popular summer camp programs is limited.


Enroll Your Child or Children Today



Registration Fee: $60

(Includes a t-shirt)

Weekly Fee:  $95 per week

Please note: Half day programs are not available for Traditional Summer Camp